Sustainy Introduction


Sustainy is a cooperative; building a web and mobile app with the ultimate mission to help sustain our Society and Earth. We accomplish our ideal outcome by helping users consume food strategically, sustainably, and collaboratively.

The future can seem scary after learning about our detrimental consumption impact of natural resources; consumption we depend on to live the traditional lifestyle. People want to transition to a sustainable lifestyle. Sustainy makes it easier and more fun to consume sustainably.

Sustainy empowers its members to measure, track, compare, share, facilitate, and reward their consumption of food that is sustainable and healthy for Earth, society, and their body.

– Measure and simulate the impacts of your consumption quantitatively for each item consumed. Have you ever wondered how much carbon you emit when you eat that hamburger? Now you easily scan or voice input the name of a food product and know how much carbon you will emit if you eat it. Get an understanding of the norms you are creating by seeing customized simulations of the future based upon a model where your consumption pattern is the norm. Track your carbon footprint over time and learn how you can improve your score.

– Earn rewards for improving your score, contributing data and content to the system, leveling up, etc. Earn Sustainy credits (Scredits) for consuming sustainably. Use credits to enter into lotteries, redeem discount tokens, and exchange for products with Sustainy partners.

– Share your score and the badges you earn for making progress and leveling up your Sustainy score. Compare your score to the score of your specific demographic or a certain group, like your friends on Facebook. Compare your score to the ideal consumer’s score.

Players can use the app to help create the world they want by supporting the producers who are contributing to that better world. The technology informs you of the consequences of purchasing something. It helps you understand the cradle to grave and cradle to cradle product life cycles.

Sustainy use case story:

Katie values Society and Earth and does not want to harm them. It causes her a lot of stress to consume food without understanding the true cost of her consumption actions. It is taking a toll on her sense of self and her relationship to the greater whole. Consuming according to her values seems like an insurmountable task. To understand the true cost of consuming a certain item might cost her 10 or more hours of research. She does not have time to spend 10 plus hours on each item she consumes. Katie is facing an ethical dilemma that millions of conscientious consumers face every day. She wants to live a life that is in harmony with all the beings and systems that she values.

Physical and digital labels:

One day at the food market she sees a new kind of label, something like the recommended daily nutritional intake but this label displays the food item’s carbon footprint per serving and the percent of the fair daily allowance of carbon emissions. It also includes per serving metrics, scores, and daily allowances for the item’s water scarcity impact, land use impact, societal impact. She discovers the Sustainy app from the label and decides to make an account and become a member.

Quick score

Katie wants a quick way to get the sustainability scores of her diet. She completes a survey of her diet in less than 10 minutes. In return, she gets a personalized overview of her impact scores. She also gets personalized suggestions for improving her scores.

To encourage earning higher socio-ecological system health scores, high score earners earn badges that recognize their positive influence on the SE system.

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Sustainy App  Architecture – MindMeister Mind Map

Jonathan Bean

System Architect


out of interest for this app and website to become a reality and share it with my network,
I would like to ask you: is this project dropped or ongoing? (I saw that in the blog last update was in 2016)

I would like also to ask you if you have a team that develops this or if you have help from any programs/organizations that support this kind of entrepreneurial actions.


Sustainy is in development. We have been working on building the collaboration platform required to build Sustainy in a grassroots consumer driven style. This is usOS. You can find more up to date information listed on my portfolio. You can also direct message me from there.
I have some volunteers/partners but we are in need of more support. I have done some programs, but I do need more support from organizations and societal progress startup incubators.
– Jon Bean

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