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Sustainy is a web and mobile app that aims to help sustain society and Earth, by helping users consume sustainably, it empowers them to measure, track, compare, share, facilitate, and reward their consumption of food that is sustainable and healthy for Earth, society, and the body.

Measure the impacts of your consumption quantitatively for each item consumed. Have you ever wondered how much carbon you emit when you eat that hamburger? Now you easily scan or voice input the name of a food product and know exactly how much carbon you will emit if you eat it.

Track your carbon footprint and learn how you can improve your score.

Compare your score to the score of your specific demographic or a certain group, like your friends on Facebook. Compare your score to the ideal consumer’s score.

Share your score and the badges you earn for making progress and leveling up your Sustainy score.

Earn rewards for improving your score, contributing data and content to the system, reaching . Earn Sustainy credits for consuming sustainably. Use credits to enter into lotteries, redeem discount tokens, and exchange for products with Sustainy partners.

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Frequently Asked Questions:

What are the standards for the grades?

The foods would be graded (analyzed) by certified users like crowd sourcing done by open label https://theopenlabel.com/ for labels but for actual grades.

Consumers earn a grade based on what they eat. You put in what you eat once a day and then get a grade for your choices based on the grades of the food. So if you eat all 100’s on the 100 point scales you earn a 100 for the day. An example of a food that might become a 100 for ecological fairness, would be one where the producer has earned a reputation, determined by certified and trusted users, for following the highest standards of ecological fairness. At first foods will be in categories and each category has a rating determined by the crowd. Potatoes are 100 for climate fairness while red meats are 0 unless  someone finds a way to make meat without making immense carbon footprint. People who grade food must earn a reputation of peer verified assessments to influence the grade of a food product.

There will be grades for all things that are important to the health of climate, Earth, body, and society. The composite grade is averaged from the other grades, the weights of the grades are determined by the crowd and can be customized by the user for their own self analysis according to their own standards. Climate grade might earn a weight of 100 points on a 1,000 point total grade. So 10% of the grade comes from its effect on the climate.

Another feature will be one where you answer questions about your values and diet preferences and the app matches you with appropriate diet plans and suggestions that fit your values and preferences. It is like what the select smart quizzes do with many different topics. http://www.selectsmart.com/

Where/how will we get users to use the app?

Participating health stores will be the primary place to recruit users as well as vegan groups.

What will it cost?

There are a few subscription options. It will cost $10 a year and you buy 5$ worth of credits

How will we fund Sustainy development?

See: business model canvas http://sustainy.org/business-model/

What do I need help with?

I need help finalizing the business plan and analysis and design.

Here is a list of tasks I need to outsource to partners

What is my personal mission?

My function as an element in the social organism of humanity is to design and implement systems that help the organism evolve to have more capabilities and to help the organism sustain itself and evolve into its next stage of life.

How did Jon Bean create this solution for the planetary humanitarian crisis?

First I developed a desire to be part of an everlasting social organism. Then I learned how to understand and design social systems and organs of the social organism. I tried to find a way to modify the behavior of the elements within the social organism. I learned why people choose to act in a certain way. I learned how values are the key to motivating any behavior. In order to act in a certain way that action requires a particular kind of vision of a desired future. People will not act to produce an ideal world without a sufficiently inspiring vision of what is that ideal preferred future they want to help achieve. I designed Sustainy in order to help people visualize and understand the ideal world that they want to achieve, to give them tools to help them achieve it, and to reward them for acting to achieve it.

Why am I inspired to create this?

I lived my childhood under an oppressive tyrannical control of an army combat trained father. I was not allowed to have my own will. I was sub ordinate to his will. I never had my own dreams and desires as a child. After 18 I finally was able to get the treatment I needed for my major depression. At the age of 19 I had earned an Associate’s degree of Arts and Sciences. At age 20 I took a course on the modern history of Africa. Learning about how Nelson Mandela courageously overcame the oppressive regime of South Africa inspired me to overcome my oppressors. Being inspired, I courageously defended my family against the verbal, emotional, and physical abuse perpetrated by my father. He nearly made me unconscious and almost killed me but I survived by my training in non-violent martial arts of Hapkido and Jujitsu. I trained myself in self-defense in preparation for that moment. He was arrested and I had gained my own sense of will. I bore the brunt of a serious neglected social problem, a problem with the entire social organism. Being made so clearly aware of such horrific state of society, I had to choose to face it or be consumed by it for the rest of my life. My father’s behavior has deep roots stemming from a fundamental problem with humanity. The benefits to society as a whole and to the individual for an individual to be a responsible element of the social organism are disproportionate and not sufficiently fair to the individual.

  • What is Jon’s Sustainy creation story?
  • I was studying microbiology at UVA to tackle the grand challenge of pathogens and Lyme disease in particular, when I figured out quickly that I was taking an excessively minute and limited perspective to helping sustain humanity. I concluded that pathogen problems are better solved at the root source of their causes. I learned about systems thinking and how deforestation caused the epidemic, killing the pathogen would be treating the symptoms, I chose to focus on the root cause of the problems I was aware of. I dove into social systems science to find solutions by getting a holistic perspective of grand challenges. I learned that human behavior was at the root of all our problems and there was the master key to solving them. I studied human nature and how desires and beliefs direct each action. I recalled how well games could motivate people to do certain actions. With my keen research skills I found the information and the books I needed to understand how to use game design to motivate behavior.
  • I learned about how the world and the wealth is structured, I discovered that the wealthy elite control the destiny of the planet by owning and controlling all the wealth. But I realized also that the wealthy elite only have the power that the 99 % give to them. Ultimately their power over us is based upon our obedience. If we decided to stop supporting them and supported the commonwealth instead all the problems caused by the wealthy elite would be eliminated, this wealthy elite complex, the domination-and-control-military-big-agribusiness-fossil-fuel-pharmaceutical-higher-ed complex.
    • Richest 1% to own more than rest of world, Oxfam says

From <http://www.bbc.com/news/business-30875633>

  • I also learned about the permaculture philosophy of solving social problems, like Buckminster said, don’t fight the corrupt system, instead build one that makes it obsolete. Permaculture teaches that to heal an ecosystem, like food ecosystem, or society, you will have greater yield of value per value spent if you help the things you value to grow and balance the excessive forces by supporting the systems that naturally reduce the undesired force. For example, in treating disease like cancer, don’t kill and poison the cancer cells, instead support the immune systems capabilities and you have greater success. If you want less of a certain pest, attract beneficial insects that replace them or eat them or out compete them for resources.
  • I knew that I could use this wise philosophy of permaculture to heal the world I was thrust into. I learned the principles and was ready to apply them.
  • Equipped with all these enlightening lessons, I started thinking hard about ways to solve the wealthy elite problem. Thus started the projects book which has transformed into what is now Sustainy project book found here http://tiny.cc/sustainy-notes
  • I started learning about how to envision preferred futures and discovered the art and science of backcasting, reverse forecasting, where you choose a desirable future and design and initiate systems and trends to facilitate its realization. I became Envisioneer Eternal and published a blog and book upon these preferred futures, found here http://social-progress-agents.blogspot.com/
  • After my chrysalis stage of envisioneering I became a systems architect and studied how to design the systems I envisioned. After that I became a social entrepreneur and started gathering people and resources to build the system. Now we are at the precipice of the most profound transformation society has ever seen, transforming again like we did from monarchies to feudalism and to democracy, and now soon to a cooperatively owned and governed social system based on respecting the future generation of people and earthlings. We are arriving quickly to Sustainyocracy, a world governed by organized voting with our dollars or soon to be Sustainy mutual credit system.

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